Doggie Daycare currently enrolling new campers!

Daycare options and pricing

  • Full Day without swimming
  • Full Day, swimming session included
  • Half Day Daycare with swimming (up to 5 hours)
  • Half Day Daycare without swimming
  • Unlimited monthly package with daily swimming
  • Unlimited monthly package without swimming
  • Package of 10 swims
    If you buy an unlimited package of daycare without swimming and want to add a swim now and then, here is the answer.
  • Package with swimming included
    10 Full Days
  • Package without swimming
    10 full days
  • Daycare by the hour


If your pup is boarded with us, daycare during the day to have fun with friends and a private pen at night to rest and be ready for another fun day!

If your pup is not one of our campers, we need an evaluation to make sure he/she will be a good fit with our pack.


Boarding without swim: $70.00

Boarding with swim: $90.00

10 day package boarding without swim: $620.00

10 day package boarding with swim: $785.00