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The Right Veterinarian?

Some years ago, Zeus had a TPLO surgery on one of his back knee (rupture of the cruciate ligament) and my pup had a plaque with six screws. He would never have passed anymore the security check at any airport! I had a great surgeon. But he “forgot” to tell me was that most likely […]

YES, You Are My Furever Kids

This morning, I went to my vet to pick up something, and I saw that beautiful older Golden retriever lose, at the door, waiting for his mom or dad. I came in, and he came straight to me. Older dogs look so wise. He had a big bandage on his leg. I scratched his ears, […]

Healthy Treats for Dogs

Years ago, I thought that buying my mutts treats was a sign of love. I was not going for the cheap stuff, expensive ones that I thought were healthy. Yeah, right! Zeus was always a bit overweight at one point when I was confusing love and food, and he was confusing his food and mine! […]


Hey, I was a single mom since my girls were toddlers, and could never make myself trust anyone with the girls. They are now grown up amazing women, so I must have done something right there. Without being paranoid, I even have a hard time trusting someone to dog sit. I remember years ago, I […]

The Ballad of Max, a Black Labrador Retriever

It’s hard to be part of a litter, you know. How do you make yourself different, special? Max did that from the beginning! Lola, my yellow Labrador retriever, was pregnant, and since it was my first and was my only litter, I was so totally paranoid with anything which could go wrong. As paranoid as […]