deceasedIt did not happen in one day. I did not get up one morning, and thought: Today, I want to talk to my deceased furry kid!

All my furry kids who crossed over the rainbow bridge are in peace. I know it, I can feel it. Sometimes I feel their presence for some short seconds surrounding me, and that’s enough for me. Zeus was the only one who did more than that: He barked at me from the other side, and I wrote about it some time ago. ( But it was Zeus, the love of my life!

Don’t get me wrong. I shed tears now and then when suddenly the memory of one of them overwhelms me, hey I am just human!

Then there was George. George died in traumatic circumstances a year ago last September at the age of 3. He was my clingy one. He was my furever kid except that the furever thing lasted 3 years, 5 months and 14 days.

After he passed, I was in such pain that I really did not think about him being in peace. I was just missing my boy. Then, little by little, I settled into a life without George. With his first death anniversary coming, I just realized that I never, ever had any special moment coming from him. I started wondering if he were in peace, or if there was anything I could do to make him being in peace. Yes, you can call me crazy if you want! I don’t mind.

I started thinking about animal communicators. My only experience with one was not good, but I know that out there, there are real ones. It’s just tough to find the one. I started asking friends about it, and I got a name. Too bad, she was in sabbatical year, and was only treating emergencies. Another one who was recommended by another friend never contacted me despite of some emails. Funny thing, one day, because of Zeus Corner, I was contacted by an animal communicator who sent me an email saying that someone wanted to talk to me from the other side. I, immediately, thought it had to be George!

At the time scheduled for our conversation, with my heart beating at 500 beats a minute, I answered my phone. She asked a few questions. My concern was George. Was he in peace or was he running around tortured and could I do something about it if it were the case? Apparently, it was not the right question. I was not getting it right, and then she started talking, talking, talking and talking. George was barely mentioned… Hello? I want to talk to my boy! Isn’t it what it was all about? But no, she went on talking, and to tell you the truth, she gave me a bad headache. I did not want to hurt her feelings. I just put the phone on speaker, and heard her voice speaking at 100 miles an hour while I was taking 3 Advil. Why 3? One doesn’t work for me, 2 might, but 3 definitely will, so why take chances?

She talked for an hour, barely stopping for breathing. I tried to interrupt her a few times unsuccessfully. Was it a recording? She kept repeating the same thing over, and over again, but it had nothing to do with my dog. She did drain me. I give you that! When I hung up, I felt relieved. She wanted to have a deal on Zeuscorner, but I did not follow up with it. I just could not.

Years ago, my oldest daughter lost a dog, Lorelei, in tragic circumstances. Her collar broke; she crossed a road, got hit by a car, and was put to sleep at the emergency. She was only 6 months old.

Later on, Deborah told me that she was talking with Lorelei through an animal communicator, and that, at one point, she was going to be reincarnated and the animal communicator will tell her which breeder to go to in order to have a girl back. She had to call every week to make sure Lorelei knew that she loved her. My daughter was young, in college, and she was paying $ 120.00 for each session. I talked with Deborah about it, and she broke my heart when she told me “Mom, I know that most likely it’s not true, but if there is only 1 chance out of 100 that it’s really Lorelei who communicates with me, I just can’t let her down.”

We agreed on one thing. I was going to call that lady and see what would be coming out of our conversation. I called, was immediately charged $ 120.00 with the assurance that if she could not locate my dog, I would get a refund. Fair.

I asked to talk to my shepherd Douchka who died a few years before. She asked me why now? And my answer was: “why not?” She told me that my dog might have been already reincarnated but she was going to try. I described Douchka: black, tan with some white. I did not mention though that Douchka was a long hair German shepherd.

Then, she started talking, saying that she was seeing a big dog coming towards her. She asked me if Douchka had a big bark. Duh…. What do you think lady? We are talking about a 100 lbs. dog! Then, I heard her asking someone: “Are you Douchka? Dominique wants to talk to you.” She, then, came back to me and told me that Douchka agreed to talk to me. I told her that I needed to be sure that it was my dog she was talking to, and I asked her to describe her. She became kind of defensive, and told me she was facing a German shepherd black, tan with some white and straight ears. I asked her how her hair was. Short? She snapped at me that of course her hair was very short. It was a German shepherd we were talking about! I kind of lost it right there, so angry that someone could play with others’ feelings, raw feelings to make a few bucks, ok, more than a few bucks. I could never stand people who are taking advantage of others. To make a long story short, she issued me a refund as well as for my daughter’s prior sessions. A few months later, her website disappeared from the WWW. Good riddance.

It did not help my daughter though who was so tortured by the death of Lorelei, feeling I guess a bit guilty about the collar which broke. Suddenly I had a thought. I had a very good friend, Joe, who some years ago told me the story of his lab and his daughter. His lab was getting old with arthritis and all the bad stuff which happens with age, and one evening, his daughter came to see him and told him that Samantha, their lab, wanted to go, but she was staying alive because of him, because she was scared he was not ready to let her go. Joe who is a no BS guy looked at his 12 year old daughter, and the concern in her eyes, and agreed to do something. The same evening, he sat down with Samantha, stroked her ears, looked at her eyes, and told her that she had been the best companion ever, and if it was her time to go, he will be fine. The next morning, he got up, and Samantha was in her bed, but her soul was gone. She had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that night.

Joe’s daughter moved some years ago to Colorado where she became an animal communicator, and worked mostly with horses. Deborah called her, and got at last peace. She was told that Lorelei was in peace, and that a very tiny red dog was around her. A few years before, Deborah had a small dog Foxy, that we found tied up to a pole in the middle of winter and who lived his last few years with us. If that little feisty guy was around, then Deborah knew that her girl was going to be fine, and Deborah got finally some closure and moved on. It was just an additional paw print engraved in her heart.

Please do not ask me the name of that lady or a phone number. Don’t you think that if I still had them I would have called another animal communicator? Joe died some years ago, and I just lost his daughter’s information at one point in my life.

Yes, there are animal communicators out there. Some are real, and some are there for the quick bucks. No, I will not try anymore to communicate with my boy through anyone. He has to be with all my other furry kids, somewhere over the rainbow, and maybe one day, when I least expect it, I will be able to feel a piece of George’s spirit surrounding me, or maybe not….

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