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About Vaccines: Rabies

The rabies vaccine is probably one of the greatest successes in veterinary medicine and the public health field. It has saved countless lives and proves to be a very safe and effective vaccine, greatly reducing the number of cases seen in our pet populations. Rabies is rare these days in pets (the number of reported […]

Puppy’s First Trip to the Vet Clinic

Getting a puppy is a fun and joyous occasion, but learning about all a puppy needs to be happy and healthy can be overwhelming and intimidating for those who have never raised a dog before. So much information is available now on the internet and so many conflicting opinions regarding pet care are voiced that […]

What’s Eating Me? Internal Edition

Parasites, those little bugs that infest your pet. We’re going to talk about the ones that attack from the inside. We’ll get to the ones on the outside next. When your veterinarian asks you to bring in a fecal sample for testing I promise you it’s not because we like the smell. Fecal samples are […]