First time going with my two doggies, amazing experience! Dominique and her team were so sweet and patient. My German shepherd loved it so much my other little guy was a little scared but the girl was so patient! I wish I got the instructors names they were so great!! Thank you so much for an awesome experience they were pooped after and we can’t wait to bring them back!!! You guys really were super awesome, kind and patient 100% the best fun place for your puppies.

Emily M.

We had a wonderful first visit this morning with Bruner. Thank you for accommodating reactive dogs—we really appreciate it, and can’t wait to come back! PS- who was our swim coach this morning? He was so great with Bruner. Looking forward to our next visit!

Emily P.

Everything was a positive experience here. I have a 3 month Newfoundland pup, and went with my friend who has a 7 month Newfie. The staff were extremely patient with both dogs (they can be a handful, especially when together!). They were knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable with the staff. It was a perfect balance of involvement with me as the owner, and them doing the water training. I think the amount of time spent for the swim is perfect, not too much not too little. She slept for 2 days after all the swimming! The trainers do a great job of giving the dogs breaks, but making sure they get the most out of their time there. They had great gear, nothing cheapy, and plenty of toys of all types. I can’t wait to go back!

Jordon H.

What a great experience. Staff really friendly, knowledgeable and super sensitive to our dog’s needs throughout the session. Our dog has nerve damage from a car accident and at the start of his first session he only used one leg to swim and by the end of the session, he used all four. We scheduled a second appointment and left with helpful suggestions for ways we could assist our dogs continued rehabilitation. Many thanks!

Gin F.

What a wonderful place to take your dog. Our Beagle loved her time in the pool. The staff is friendly, very patient and we will definitely be back again soon.

Andy H.

Paisley had a great time. She had pep back in her step for the first time in a long time after her first session. We definitely plan on coming back.

Mara G.

We went there today for the holiday event and to check out the pools. Everyone was so nice and kind to us; the employees played with my high energy dog. We are really looking forward to swimming sessions this winter… Thank you! Rogue is exhausted from all the excitement.

Janelle C.

Wonderful place for our aging pup to get some rehab and exercise. Highly recommend!!!

Deena D.

Our dog Shorty was not able to stand or walk after a complicated operation. She’s an old dog, close to 15 we think. We were very close to euthanasia for her. As a last chance, hoping for a miracle, we brought Shorty here. We got our miracle as Shorty has slowly started standing and walking. She has a renewed interest in life and eating again. Thank you Mike and Dominique for helping us with Shorty.

Susan S.

This is exactly the place we have been searching for! The Center is a very clean and well equipped facility with a fantastic staff. While Bosley has just started his rehab, I am very impressed with Dominique  as well as the Center as a whole. Their love for animals unmistakable and it is obvious that they love the work that they do. I am looking forward to continued sessions with Mike as we work together to help Bosley on his road to recovery. Bosley would chime in himself, but he is currently passed out on the sofa after this morning’s session. He would likely mention the abundance of treats!

Elizabeth F.

What an amazing place and an amazing staff! If you love your dog you should bring them here for fun and healthy exercise!!

Karen S.

Fantastic place and wonderful owner and staff. We’ve been three times so far and will continue to come back. Highly recommend!

Jessica L.

This was a wonderful place! My sister’s guide dog, a yellow lab, had a great time. We plan to come back and highly recommend it to others. Great staff.

Betty W.

Love everything about K9 Aquatic and Wellness Center. Facility is clean, everyone is so friendly and helpful, and my dog had so much fun! Staff was quite knowledgeable about the skeletal and muscular systems of dogs.

Candice S.

Chloe had a great time there today! Looking forward to next week already. Loved the staff and the pools and pool room are in excellent and immaculate condition.

Jim O.

Love on every level! Great staff and facilities — can’t wait to come back!

Ellen K.

Terrific exercise in a welcoming environment for my large dog with congenital deformities in his front legs.

Elizabeth P.

My sweet Mattie was diagnosed with cancer and the only thing I could think of was how to make special time for her in her last months. She loves to swim. I called Dominique at K9 Aquatic and Wellness Center and she immediately understood. She got Mattie in for her first swim within a few days and I have never seen this dog so happy. They are so kind and lovely here. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Megan R.

I love this place because my dog loves this place! He actually has a smile and wags his tail while swimming and fetching his toy the entire time! I used to drive a long distance so that my boy could indulge in his passion. He is like a fish in water! The staff is great. Very professional and competent. The place has several pools and offers a welcoming reception area with coffee and tea. Dog toys and treats are available for sale as well. Your dog has an entire pool to swim in with the staff. The facility has a state of the art UV filter system so there are no chemicals such as chlorine on your dog. Young staffers play with your dogs for 30 minutes in the pool while you smile and laugh. The well run establishment is the vision of it’s dog-loving owner, Dominique, who lavishes love and healthy treats to every dog after each swim. Does your dog love to swim? Show your dog how much you love them too and take them for a swim! Don’t be surprised if you and your dog are happier and more relaxed after the swims….inexpensive therapy!

Mary D.

Best staff and facility for dog swimming in Maryland.

Alexander C.

Awesome place! Wonderful staff. Love having a place close by. Will be here often!

Rajeev D.

Tried it for the first time— for fun and training, not for therapy. Wonderful staff. Super clean facility.

Lisa L.

Friendly, professional and fun!

Carol D.